Marc Zimmerman's Studio of Fine Art
The Jungle Collection
Some of Marc's latest work, combining the beauty of nature with playful and mystical jungle creatures.
The Floral Collection
Enter the world of colorful floral arrangments in this collection, shown with subtle expressions in a gently cubist style.
Ocean & Surf Collection
Ever looked at the desert and wondered what it would be like if the ocean rolled in? Join Marc's imaginaton with these desert seascapes.
The Culinary Collection
This collection has a playful, fun and caricature nature. Marc does not disappoint with this collection full of vivid depictions of food and fun.
The Village Collection
Vibrant and mystical, this collection is an adventure into other cultures brought to you through Marc's eyes.
The Still Life Collection & The Figurative Collection
Discover Marc's view on everyday scenes to make them extraordinary, and marvel in the beauty.