transition Marc Zimmerman

Marc Zimmerman is one of California's exciting and inventive artists.

Over the last 30 years he has been a continual source of inspiration for not only his collectors, but to other artists. Perhaps it has been due to his varied cultural background acquired from the places he has lived and studied, from Spain, Italy and Switzerland which were the haunts of such greats as Dali, Picasso, Gauguin and Rousseau.

Earlier influences came in 1979, when he moved to Laguna Beach to make a career shift to fine arts, namely watercolors. He studied with Phil Dike, Millard Sheets and Rex Brandt, the luminaries of the "California School of Watercolors". For 7 years Marc painted and showed his works in galleries in Southern California.

Even from these early days, Marc's expression was unique unto himself. Setting himself apart from other water colorists of his time, his sense of rhythm, form and color were distinctively expressive.

Moving to Canada, he was captivated by the famed Canadian artists, the Group Of Seven. The excitement in the area of color and the simplicity of focused attention brought intensity and added yet another dimension to his creations.

Even from the beginning, Marc has been creating art works. His first ceramics class in the mid 60s in Jr. High led to art in college and, upon graduation, Marc became a professional potter for ten years in Venice Beach. He went on to explore many additional ways and mediums to express himself. This included pastels, collage, wood and bronze sculpture, as well as oil painting, woodcut and photography. Even though a beginning career in sculpture showed promise, having successful shows in New York and Los Angeles, painting drew him irresistibly back.

By the mid 90s, Marc had committed himself to oil painting which remained his medium of choice until the present. He explored subject matters from seascapes to portraiture to still life. In 1997, Marc opened his artist-owned gallery in Carmel, California. There he enjoyed great success and the camaraderie of other artists.

It was during this period that he developed a series of paintings titled "Culinary Art", which was a depiction of chefs in distress. This series is irresistible and playful and somewhat caricature in nature. He threw into these paintings the full range of his personality. Marc charmed his way into the hearts and minds of wine and food lovers of the world. From food fights to a kitchen under will not have more fun than looking up this group on his website!

He is continuing his exploration of oils in his woodcut-style using the subject of African jungles, birds and animals to stimulate imaginative creations. And of course, more to come in the future! Enjoy your tour of Marc Zimmerman's imagination on this website!